Texas has one of the lowest Medicaid reimbursements for nursing homes in the country…
and it’s about to get worse.

This year, Texas legislators are making history by including an increase in funding for seniors, proving that the Lone Star State takes care of its own.

However, these new funds will not be available to Texas seniors until September, while the emergency COVID funding that kept nursing homes open during the pandemic will expire in May.

If we do not act now, seniors will experience a decrease in care equality over the coming months.
The COVID pandemic was a three-year period of fear, uncertainty, and suffering in this country—especially for our senior citizens. In many states, harsh pandemic restrictions saw seniors trapped in nursing facilities, cut off from their families and even kept shoulder to shoulder with COVID-infected patients.

In Texas, COVID-19 emergency funds helped nursing homes offset the cost of employing quality care providers. Our State leaders are stepping up to protect care for our seniors, but we need to finish the job and ensure that there is no gap in funding over the next few months.

Texas State Representatives and
Senators need to hear from you!

Thankfully, our state’s leaders are already working to close this funding gap. But the time is now to finish the job. Texas has a historic budget surplus this year—we have the funds. All we need now is the will to act, the generosity of spirit to help Texas’ most vulnerable citizens.

We have a limited window before the emergency funding lapses in May. Below, you’ll find contact info for the state representative and state senator that represents your locality. Please reach out to them today, encouraging them to do the right thing for Texas seniors.

Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME HERE].
I am a constituent in your district, and I want to THANK YOU for all the good work you’ve done for Texas senior citizens thus far. I know you’re just as concerned as I am about the emergency pandemic funding that ends in May for Texas nursing homes. That is why we are all counting on your support to close the Medicaid funding gap between now and September 1st, so our Texas seniors continue to receive the quality care they need and deserve. Thank you for your support and your dedicated service to Texas!


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